Romance is in the air at the Crazy Bear Hotel, Beaconsfield

February is creeping upon us and my thoughts are turning to valentines day!


A hotel which has always been a feature on my wish list is the Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield.  I recently had the pleasure of visiting the hotel for drinks and dinner with my partner and parents. The Crazy Bear opened in 2008 and quickly made it on to Conde Nast’s Red Hot List for Best New Hotels in the World! I had viewed pictures of the hotel in the past but nothing could prepare me for experiencing it in person…

The hotel is on a main road and has a very inconspicuous entrance (we actually drove past the building a few times before finding it!) The building is a fifteenth century coaching inn and the oldest building in Beaconsfield. Once you walk through the doors you are taken into another world:  a world full of gold, velvet, mirrors, diamonds and deep colours.

I have included a lot of pictures on this post because I think the images speak for themselves.

The images below show the main bar area, where we enjoyed drinks before going through to dinner.

CRAZY_BEAR_BEACONSFIELD_0093 900x600-b-bar-1

We ate in the Thai Restaurant and I had the black pepper tiger prawn stir-fry. The menu can be found on the following link-

900x600-b-thai-restaurant-1The Thai restaurant has a calmer vibe than that of the English Restaurant  but the theme of decadence can still be found in the huge crystal chandeliers, velvet walls and dim lighting.

It is not often that I discuss the toilets within a venue- however the toilets at Crazy27464 Bear definitely deserve a mention..  They are hidden behind a secret panel in the wall, the walls are then covered in mirrored diamonds and you wash your hands in a constant flowing waterfall-Wash rooms do not get much better than that!

During my visit I had the pleasure of meeting with Massimo- the Sales Manager. Massimo gave me a show round of the property and I couldn’t contain my ‘ohhhs’ and ‘awwws’ as I entered each room- from the private dining hunting space to Suite Ten (a suite with black velvet walls, mirrored ceilings, bronze bathtub and leather floors)


This hotel is well worth a visit and you are extremely lucky  if you have managed to book one of the 22 bedrooms for valentine’s day!


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