(A place very close to my heart) The Old Post Office- Thalpe, Sr Lanka



For any visitors who don’t know, my sister got married in Sri Lanka in February. I was fortunate enough to stay in Sri Lanka for the entire month and the accommodation is like nothing I have ever experienced and I have experienced a few! I am going to do some future posts on accommodation in Sri Lanka (Sunhouse, Dutch House, Wijeya and the Wallawa) but I wanted my first Sri Lankan post to be on The Old Post Office in Thalpe.


The reason I have picked the Post Office is because this is where I spent my first memorable nights in Sri Lanka and I will never forget the feeling I had when I saw that the front room leads you on to unspoilt white sand and had the best sea view you could ever imagine!


The Old Post Office is a 2 bedroom villa with ensuite bathrooms, open kitchen/dinning area and itsimage own private beach.  There is a wonderful housekeeper for shopping and cooking (he cooks the most amazing Sri Lanken breakfast and curry lunches) and the villa also has 24 hour security (since the villa is lacking walls!) so you feel like a film star with your own bodyguard watching all through the night making sure nobody wonders up from the beach into your little bit of heaven.

This villa is the epitome of relaxation as you hear the constant crashing of waves and view the private beach from the hammocks.


If you do want to leave this rehab in search of civilisation, the villa is located 20 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Galle. Be sure to visit Wijaya Beach Restaurant for a wood-fire pizza and a passion fruit daiquiri!

image (1)bedroom-12

IMG_0910 IMG_0919 (2)

You will all need to get this on your to do list before Sri Lanka becomes the next popular destination. I hope it never loses its charm as this villa is the closest you are going to get to heaven on earth.



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